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BÖHLER M789 AMPO is a newly developed maraging steel, which combines the mechanical properties of 1.2709 with the corrosion resistance of 17-4PH. This patent bending grade can easily printed without any preheating and achieves a hardness of about 52 HRC with a very easy heat treatment. Furthermore, this material shows an excellent polishability, which makes it the ideal choice for inserts with conformal cooling in plastic injection molding and in any other application where a high hardness and corrosion resistance is of need.


Particle size distribution 15 – 45 µm:
D10[µm]                            18 – 24
D50[µm]                            29 – 35
D90[µm]                            42 – 50
Apparent density*                  ≥ 3.5 g/cm³
* Measurement of particle size distribution is based on ISO 13322-2 (Dynamic image analysis methods); 
  Flowability and apparent density are based on DIN EN ISO 4490 resp. DIN EN ISO 3923-1.


Achievable mechanical properties of printed part after heat treatment:
Tensile strength (Rm)                 1850 ± 50 MPa
Yield strength (RP₀,₂)                 1720 ± 50 MPa
Elongation (%)                                6 ± 2
Hardness                                       52 ± 1 HRc
Ductility (ISO V)                             10 ± 4 J


Particle size distribution 45 – 90 µm:
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